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With over 30 years of vast experience across all spectrums of property development, Dahua Group’s vision is to build future communities that enhance the quality of life of its residents. Partnering international experience with local expertise, we are steadily expanding our footprint in Australia with an enviable current project pipeline in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. With long-term investment strategies for the Australian market, we aim to become a household name synonymous with Trust and Quality.

Collaborating closely with local experts and community stakeholders in all of our development projects, communities that we plan and develop will offer a choice of housing solutions, respect the local environment, history and culture, and are scoped for future growth into thriving neighbourhods. Dahua Group value our long-term relationship with the communities that we take part in building by giving back through selected sponsorships and charitable donations, leaving long term positive impacts.


The content of this website was produced prior to planning approval, statutory approval and commencement of construction. Photographs and artist’s impressions depicting the Ridgeway estate and surrounding area and the interiors and exteriors are intended as a guide only and subject to change. Styling is indicative only and not provided. Information and images relating to the public park areas within and the surrounding park areas are indicative only. All outlines depicting areas are indicative only. Prospective purchasers should make their own enquiries. Prices subject to change. Dahua Group Sydney Project 4 Pty Ltd ABN 54 614 784 360. Correct as at November 2018.